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Brunei Internal Security Department (BISD) role and responsibility is to monitor and report to the government on internal security issues. The lists of internal security issues monitored by BISD are as follows:

  • Subversion
    Any attempt may it be by an individual, group or an organisation aimed to jeopardize the national security, or to overthrow His Majesty's Government or the country's Constitution in a manner resorting to violent means or in any manner which contradicts the Constitution.

  • Espionage
    Any attempt to obtain government-classified information or document illegally in order to assist a foreign power or government or to achieve specific objectives.

  • Sabotage
    Any act intended to cause physical damage to significant places and essential services in the country or to carry out (intentionally) any activities, which are detrimental to the country's economic interests to jeopardize public confidence towards the government.

  • Terrorism
    The use of various means of violence, threats and terror by individual, group or organisation intended to intimidate and instill fear towards the civilian population and their property to further their political or religious aim and ideology.

  • Promotion of racial and religious violence
    To promote feelings of enmity and resentment between different racial groups or different religion in order to instill values, beliefs and practice of the minority group towards another group or groups (majority).